The mind is powerful and is highly efficient, but its efficiency relies on running in repeat mode, which means we get the same outcomes every time we encounter the same type of situation.

Weston Workplace Wellbeing works with our clients' teams to embed the tools that are proven to deliver positive outcomes.

We have found that providing insight into the biology and physiology of brain and mind allow for faster and more efficient adoption of the tools and methodologies that we want to deploy. 

We provide tools for 

  1. Enhanced and productive communications - ensuring our conversations are meaningful and understood
  2. Attentiveness Training - bringing the enormous power of the subconscious to bear on retention. Ideal for projects, study and exam preparation
  3. Stress Management - this goes right across the 5 pillars of Weston. Too much stress or wrong type of stress is a killer. 
  4. Learning about Happiness - being happy requires practice, we show how to consistently train the brain to be happy and satisfied. "Happy people work very hard at being happy".
  5. Goal  Setting and Achievement - how to frame your mind for successful outcomes
  6. Change Management - change is stressful, even good change.
  7. Getting rid of your Inner Critic - the loudest voice saying "No" is yours.
  8. Mental Health - strengthening resilience, coping mechansims. Recognising when others are in need and how to support.