Mens sana in corpore sano - A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

We have seen a dramatic upsurge in people getting involved in exercise, which is wonderful to witness. However, the western world is still teetering on the edge of a major health epidemic with heart disease, Type II Diabetes, obesity, alzheimers on the rise due to our sedentary lifestyles

A successful Corporate Wellbeing programme will address the introduction of the opportunity to participate in Fun and Simple Exercise Programmes that cater for all levels of personal health and fitness. 

Weston Workplace Wellbeing focus on 5 important aspects of a Healthy Body

  1. Sleep - possibly one of the biggest impacts on personal health is sleep and the quality of sleep. 
  2. Hydration - your body will shut down if not hydrated properly which impacts both your mind and body equally
  3. Nutrition - everyone knows this, but do not always take appropriate action. Weston provides a simple and tasty guide to optimum nutrition specific to the individiual - the correct fuel for your engine. 
  4. Exercise - We provide a wide range of fun and engaging exercise programmes, determined by the community of colleagues participating.
  5. Health - We assist with habits impacting health - smoking cessation, weight loss, substance dependencies etc