About Us

Weston Workplace Wellbeing is a sister company of Weston Facilities Services, a company dedicated to physical infrastructure design, build and management. 

As a consequence of working with clients to enhance current built environments and having witnessed, experienced and participated in numerous wellbeing initiatives in various client premises over the last 10 years, Denis Egan and Sarah Skeffington realised that there seemed to be something incomplete about how Wellbeing services are typically delivered. 

Taking Sarah's and Denis' experience in two areas, mental health education and engineering, and applying the science of each to the analysis and research of how Wellbeing is typically procured and consequently delivered in Ireland, and comparing it to best practice and successful programmes, the genesis of Weston Workplace Wellbeing was formed.

Sarah and Denis realised that a lot of companies in Ireland, well meaning and absolutely desirous of a positive outcome, seemed to source individual streams of services, typically involving healthy eating and exercise initiatives and perhaps some relaxation and stress management techniques. 

Whilst this is good and every effort at trying to promote Corporate Wellbeing is worthy of praise, Sarah and Denis couldn't help but feel that buyers of these services were not really getting full value for money in terms of a sustained, cultural shift, because they focussed on delivering the intiaitive as opposed to the initiative delivering the result, which is an enhanced state of Culture Driven Corporate Wellbeing. 

For Wellbeing to be cultural, it has to permeate right across an organisation and that is why we arrived at the 5 pillars.


proven methodologies to enhance attentiveness, retention, goal attainment, satisfaction, happiness, productivity, education on how stress impacts the brain and how to deal with it and a whole lot more.


Sleep, Hydration, Nutrition, Exercise, Health (happy heart, weight loss and smoking cessation, education on how stress impacts, fun and simple ways to look after the body, specific and unique rehabilitation/get back to exercise methodology etc)


coping and resilience training for life events (deaths, births, illness, exams, stress, financial) – often ignored by companies, but Life and supporting colleagues inside and outside of work is a key component to achieving an enhance wellbeing programme with subsequent payback in terms of lower absenteeism, productivity, creativity, general sense of happiness and personal satisfaction and validation.


ensuring company's behaviours, communications, policies and procedures support Corporate Wellbeing in practice and that they actively engage, empower and enthuse colleagues to become brand ambassadors. This is where we target any Cultural Behaviour that undermines corporate wellbeing and provide tools to deliver positive, sustainable outcomes.


Would you believe that, in a survey of 1200+ organisations in 69 countries with 250,000 staff, over 55% of users stated that their workplace does not enable them to work productively? We systematically review the workplace, compare to work activity and survey feedback from colleagues to allow us to determine an optimal layout and configuration.