Life isn’t everything outside of work – they are combined and intertwined and each influences the other in major ways.

Relationships, Deaths, Births, Illnesses, Finance, Hobbies etc and Work combine in different ways for different people and influence our Total Health

Recognising and supporting colleagues’ lives outside of work is an important aspect of wellbeing and is embraced in any successful programme


Wellbeing is only possible where a positive culture is nourished and practiced.

  1. Be Caring
  2. Provide Support
  3. Do not blame or punish mistakes
  4. Show gratitude
  5. Act with Transparency, Trust and Integrity
  6. Collaborate with colleagues for mutually beneficial strategies

Numerous studies show people prefer workplace wellbeing to material benefits

You will be guaranteed

  1. Higher levels of Colleague Satisfaction and Job Performance
  2. Higher Levels of Colleague Retention
  3. Strong and Enthusiastic Brand Ambassadors
  4. Enhanced future colleague recruitment